Friday, August 08, 2008

...As He Utter The Calm Flow, "Don't Talk About My Mom's Yo"

Week over. It had its high moments and it had its low moments and next week is shaping up to be quite a doozy.
Olympics party tonight. I am getting more and more pumped for the Olympics. Its always pretty fun to watch though I am pretty concerned about my tv reception on NBC which is especially terrible. Maybe if the online thing works out I can use the PS3 to watch some of the events I am interested in. It probably requires some kind of advanced Flash player though which the Sony browser is not going to support. Stupid awesome PS3.
So, going to Sara's tonight. I'm glad her party is in the city because my plan is to drink heavily and make fun of anyone who is not from the US because of our Olympics dominance. Boo ya! Then, of course, I am headed south on Sunday to watch the US vs. China basketball match which will be a demolition job.
The next playoff game for the work league is on Thursday of next week and I need to work on the jumper prior to the game. Its going to be a pretty tough match. I think we might recruit Allan to put in some work for us though as we may be down a player or two this coming week.
The wifey and I started watching Weeds this week. The show is pretty good. I like the fact that its only 25 minutes helps make it more accessible during the week.
The bus driver has spent the vast majority of the commute giving a commentary on everything we have driven past. In most cases I would find this terribly annoying, but damn, you can't hate this guy. Its because he is both well-versed on many different subjects and because he has an Irish accent and lets be frank, you can't dislike anyone with a brogue unless you are a heartless bastard. He has been giving us his take on everything from the poverty in the city to the fantastic natural beauty as we drove along the 280.
A couple of excerpts from my IMs with Chris:
"The missionaries had a profound influence on early California history"
"Of course it was a traumatic time for many of the Native Americans, many of them died"
OK, about to hop off the shuttle.


mariya said...

as i was reading your post, i couldn't help but think of this image:

the olympics will be interesting indeed (:

Sara said...

you and kia are more than welcome to watch olympics at my place anytime you want! i'm out monday-wednesday this week, but olympics viewers are always welcome.

thanks for coming last night! if you come over again, i'll have something to drink other than mint julep :)

Matthew Lewis said...

Mariya - Classic.
Sara - Thanks for having us over it was fun. Next time I am going to get my own drinks though....

robert said...

Is synchronized diving a little like buying a Trac II? You have to wonder why they don't have three blades instead of two, and then, magically, they do! And then, magically, they have four! And each time, magically, shaving life is better! It seems to me that we might as well try for a Busby Berkeley routine while we're at it.

Matthew Lewis said...
What I love about those multi-blade razors is that the ads always say something like "Save your skin from repeated strokes of the razor by using our new quad-razor", uh, hey buddy, get a clue, that quad razor just scraped your skin four times in one stroke.

robert said...

The real stories of the Olympic games just never get told: While everyone was hooting about Karolyi's dissing of the Chinese girls' age, Bob (I'm a flack even though I'm clever about it) Costas has failed to ask Karolyi (or anyone else) about why he's banned from the floor of the Olympic Games. And if we're going to pimp the spiritual nature of the Games with Morgan Freeman's baritone, shouldn't we also talk about the prize money doled out by the US Olympic committee for medals? Where's the story about the American swimmer who tested positive for banned substances? Where's the picture of Kobe Bryant eating lunch in the Olympic Village cafeteria with the single-scull competitors? It's only day six and I'm filled with cynicism.