Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm About As Swift As Lightning Greased, And I'm Cold Like Sub-Zero - Feel The Deep Freeze

Extra grindy this week so far. Hump day down and only two more days to go before el weekendo. I was talking with Allan today about the impending USA vs. China basketball match which he said was scheduled for 7:30am PST on Sunday - feel free to verify this on your own - and I demanded that he have me over to drink beer on Sunday morning and watch the US and A demolish the home team. This will be the first time since Kobe got that butterfly tattoo that I will be rooting for him. God, I really do love this country.

Seriously, are those butterflies on that crown? That mess is whack. Dougherty needs to start wearing tank-tops like Hiro at the company picnic and show Kobe what tattoos are all about. Speaking of the company picnic, someone please remind me to post my pictures from the picnic. Two 8am starts and one 6am start so far this week. I am going to feel slothful coming in at 8:30 tomorrow.
The wifey gave me a hard time today about queuing up Afro Samurai on Netflix but nerdy or not, I have to say, I am pretty excited about it. Basically, the RZA (who does the soundtrack) is a media genius and the fact that he is homeboys with Jim Jarmusch (whom the RZA partnered with on the movie Ghost Dog - check it out if you haven't already) pushes it over the edge.

Bridge traffic is slowing us down bigtime close to the city which gave me plenty of time to find that trailer and watch it a couple times.
Keep it grimey.

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robert said...

You know you are a sell-out when you have a Starbuck's tattoo on your bicep.