Friday, August 22, 2008

My Choice Is What I Choose To Do And If Its Causin' No Harm It Shouldn't Bother You

It was a wacky week.  One day at SES, one day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Didn't finish enough work to feel like I accomplished enough to relax this weekend.  
Left the office late tonight because of the Fantasy Football Draft.  I am pretty pleased with my team but I am noticeably WR heavy.  Its not my fault, the draft just crumbled like that.  That said, I scored first pick this season - the second time in three seasons - and picked Adrien Peterson.  We'll see.  I could be in big trouble if Reggie Bush or Adrien Peterson go down.  I need to stay on top of the free agents wire.
Headed to the Giants game tomorrow with Allan and the wifey.  Looking forward to that.  It will be my first game of the season.  Hopefully I can hit up a couple more games before the end of the season.  I still haven't gotten to see Lincecum pitch.  Speaking of which he is currently blanking the Padres through five.  That guy is a freaking beast (not that blanking the Padres is a real indicator of this, but still).  
Thinking about going to the Guitar Center this weekend to check out keyboards.  You know, the kind that is shaped like a guitar and you can rock out on.  OK, not really, but if people have recommendations feel free to let me know.  Something decent, medium sized with some bad ass Samba beats pre-programmed.
Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and watching more of season two of Weeds.  Its a pretty decent show.  Better than I expected.  Kevin Nealon is insanely hilarious on the show, in my opinion he is funnier than he ever was on SNL.  
OK, hopping off the shuttle.  Stay out of trouble this weekend.

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