Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Domino Effect, Arts and Crafts, Paragraphs Contain Cyanide

OK this post is going to be a little YouTube heavy, so what?
Headed back to the city from Mountain View a little late this evening. We had our playoff game today and my team (aka the people who let me hang out with them after they win basketball games) won which puts us in the semi-finals. I am pretty pumped about it and we played a team we barely beat the first time around. So far in the playoffs we have just been playing teams we have already played so we kind of have their scouting report together. Next couple of games might be a little different. Anyway, it was fun and I scored a couple points. I am tipping the scales on my injuries/points ratio in my favor....
A quick video game update - I have given up on Bioshock. No, not because "harvesting" small children was disturbing (it was though) but rather because I fired the game up last night and it had lost my saved game somehow and moved me back like two levels. Two levels? That was like 3 hours of my life. I sent it back to Gamefly and I am hoping my hard drive just had a little hiccup - yeah right, how often does that happen.
Its foggy as hell in the city.
Here are some classic videos:

Fat Joe is ballin'!

One of my favorite Wu videos and songs of all time.

My favorite Killah Priest song. No video that I could find but the song is bonkers. I know I said this before but if you haven't checked out Heavy Mental do so immediately.
Hopping off the bus. Dougherty just sent me an angry text message because I missed our annual photo booth session at the Google Dance. Sorry Dougherty, I will make it up to you at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on Thursday.


nelson said...

I see you saved all the parties until I left.

Matthew Lewis said...

I would trade the Google Dance and Santa Cruz for a trip to India in roughly .05 seconds.