Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monster Truck, Punk, Elephant Gun Poke, Jawbreaker Humanoid, Vicegrip, Choke

Week has been long and with little opportunity to blog. Yes, that is likely a welcome respite for most. Jeez jerks, nobody is making you read this junk.
I had three 8am starts this week and one 7am start. Drove to work twice which I am estimating a gas cost of $75 on the full tank. Midweek the extra half hour of sleep that afforded me was worth it.
The wifey and I have been watching Sex And The City for the second time through. I am willing to admit that I like the show. Its pretty funny and the fact (similarly to Weeds) its only a half hour long makes it much more accessible during the week. I haven't been watching the Olympics really mostly because NBC doesn't come in at my house. When are they going to start streaming network television? It has to be cheaper than broadcasting it. From what I can gather, China is doing well so far despite scandals around underage athletes. Underage athletes?! Really, that's the biggest gripe the media has about China and the Olympics? I would chalk that up as a win for China. Oh and lets just put this out there, who cares if that kid is 13? If she is good enough to compete, let her compete, I couldn't really care less.
The Giants are playing fairly horribly and while this is not unexpected it remains disappointing. Maybe Zito will retire or something. Every Giants fan collectively wrung their hands this week when Lincecum got drilled with a line drive but news reports claim he is doing OK and should even make his next start. He flipping better, I am a half game out of the lead for my fantasy baseball league and my trade of Manny Ramirez for Brandon Webb got flipped on its head when Carlos Lee got injured. Damn, I should have held onto Manny. Speaking of whom, I hate the Dodgers, and most if not all of their players, but it is tough for me to hate Manny. Maybe this goes back to my complicated feelings for other power-hitting asshole baseball players who will remain unnamed.
Alright, about to hop off the bus.


robert said...

I can be just as jingoistic as the next guy: Why is there an age limit in gymnastics?

Swift: It was instituted primarily for the mental health of the athletes. Being 14 and having those Olympic or world championship expectations put on you is unreasonable and very difficult. There's also the question of the physical health of the athletes because their bones are still growing and they are trying -- and often completing -- these very difficult and complicated tricks. The question is whether they would do them anyway if they were not Olympic-eligible and maybe the answer is yes. But these are very dangerous tricks, and the older you can make the athletes and the more their bodies have developed, the safer they are.

This is inserted to establish that I read more than just this blog each day.

Matthew Lewis said...

The mental health argument makes sense. That said, if some 13 year old is just plain better at some sport than their 16 year old counterpart I think they deserve a chance to compete.
The physical health argument doesn't make sense and you can look at every member of the US Gymnastics team as examples. Unless the US found the mythical Oompa Loompa Land and has been training the Oompa Loompas to vault.