Friday, August 29, 2008

I Roll Backwood Trees With That Emerald Green

Uh-oh, serious face.

So, my computer battery is about to die but I just had to throw this little tidbit up. According to the NYT McCain just selected Alaska Governer Sarah Palin to be his VP candidate. Nice little shout out to the 49th state but let me say this - I ain't voting for him. Congrats though Sarah. You are fast becoming the AK version of Gavin Newsom.

If you claim to be from Alaska and don't have a picture of a salmon you caught you might as well be from frickin' Seattle.


robert said...

Good metaphoric use of the Pacific Northwest Matthew. On the other hand, as a dyed in the wool conservative, I want to know why Sarah isn't home taking care of the kids and husband, instead of gallivanting around the country like some Paris Hilton celebrity wannabe. Not much family values there.

robert said...

It was a guarantee that the kid would have the kid. The real question is whether the shotgun is a 12 or 16 gauge. Family values trumps all. One reason that we have elected officials is to have something to gossip about after work. What the hell, it worked for Clinton, I suppose it will work for McCain.