Thursday, July 03, 2008

You Ain't American Dreamin On Me Is You? Well Is You? Fool You Better Come On In

Short week? Says who?
Bounced a little early from work today. Got a haircut from "the van" at my work and the frighteningly bad barber was there. I luckily avoided having her near my head this time around.
There is a group of three guys on the bus talking about one of the guy's trip to Alaska recently. He described a moose as "like the biggest elk thing". One of my indirect coworkers is headed to Alaska soon. Keep your eyes peeled for bears, even in Anchorage - some poor girl got chomped the other day.
4th of July tomorrow. Not sure how I will celebrate. Probably eating unhealthy food of some kind and drinking a brew or two.
Pulled together a few classic videos mostly in defiance of my father's recent comment about hip hop being a lost cause. Lets put it on the table. Hip hop makes old people mad. Its rude and loud, except when it isn't.
Here are some classics:

Busta Rhymes in one of my all time favorite videos. This is pre-LL Cool J hulking up for Busta and back when he was mostly wacked out of his mind. Genius.

One of my favorite Tribe songs. Hadn't seen this video before but its pretty legit.

Pretty classic De La track. This song and album were kind of a departure from their first two albums. I don't think they could have kept up with the hippy rap forever and I am glad they didn't.

Here is a Roots classic video that the YouTube poster disabled embedding on - jerk.
Whatever, here is the link. If you haven't seen this one, you are missing out.
Enjoy the holiday but don't go American dreaming on me.


robert said...

It is rude and loud, except when it isn't, and it isn't isn't very often. But rude and loud is pretty much just anything newer than the last generation's older and less loud. Metalheads still think AC/DC is good listening, and there will be hip-hop aficionados ten years from now, but the fact is: it's over. All that is left of American culture can be summed up in the interchangeable cover of the latest DVDs: foreshortened glinting pistols (preferably automatic). If we weren't reliving the same, tired, rage-against-the-establishment posturing, I could be persuaded that things were different. But there isn't even any self-awareness of the fact that they've been co-opted by the military/industrial/entertainment complex. The Notorious B.I.G.: coming soon to a theater near you. (A Division of SONY)

Rowyn said...

Loved the Roots video. Happy 4th. Try not to be weirded out that I read your blog.

robert said...

I am thinking that perhaps you have been done in by the barber, who reads your blog.

albert said...

i remember that busta video, and that little kid still freaks me out. thanks for bringing back a childhood nightmare....jerk.