Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moms Kicked Me Out The House While I Was Flipping I'm The Man

Cranking this week out. Its been moving fairly quickly to be honest but it always does when I am trying to catch up on stuff. Feeling good about my productivity for the first time in a while at this point and taking some cues from my former professional coach (yes, for a short period I had an executive coach) in saying to myself, shit sometimes there's only so much you can do. She phrased this more effectively. During a group training session she brought in a guy who exemplified some of the good behaviors that she was trying to emphasize to talk to our group. She mentioned (perhaps jokingly) that she tried hard to recruit this guy to work with her company. I remember thinking to myself, this guy - please, why isn't she trying to recruit me? How's that for an insight into my psyche. God, I am nuts.
Restarted that Quicksilver book (no, Hiro, its not about the clothing company, well at least so far), I was only about 25 pages into it anyway, and the second time around its making a bit more sense. At this rate I will finish the series of three books by the time I am 43. One of the reasons I was probably struggling reading the book was the fact that it weighs about 8 pounds and holding it above my head in bed was posing a serious risk of injury.
Was listening to this album for the first time today and was floored by the beats on some of this stuff. Premo son.

Alright, about to get dropped off in the city.
Uh bye.

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