Friday, July 25, 2008

Weak In The Knees Like Pat Ewing

Van Damme, week over. It was a good week all said. Busy, had more than a couple times where I cursed under my breath, a couple where it was audible, maybe one or two which echoed across the office. Had some interesting conversations with folks and put in some good work. That said, glad its over.
Played the first game of the basketball league playoffs today at work. I have to say, while he didn't score the most points, MVP of this game is going to Dougherty. All hustle. Scrappy as all get out. And, by God, one of the single most entertaining steal/fast-break/lay-up attempts of all time. He left bodies in his wake. We played against a team which we beat earlier in the season 21-10 but they were much improved this time and we held on at the end to a 21-17 victory. I finally scored my first two points of the season in true Robert Horry fashion, though not quite as clutch.
Took Jason's (my coworker Jason, not my brother Jason) advice and pulled together all the coworker blogs in Reader. It certainly organizes them well, but it also makes it much easier to ignore all of them instead of reading one or two that pop into my head randomly. Meh.
The bus driver mistakenly took the 101 branch of the freeway into the city. I can see the 280 branch from here and its clear. We are stop and go. Daaaaamn. Usually he makes an announcement on the overhead and asks people to look up the traffic for him. He didn't do it today. Sometimes he likes to spend the last 5-10 minutes as he drives through the city sharing his perspective on random things. How lovely the day was, a public hearing coming up about how to use park land in the Presidio, whatever is on the top of his mind. Gotta admit, its kind of weird, but I have to respect that the guy is willing to subject a bus load of what I am willing to blanket classify as fairly self-absorbed professionals to his own random musings. If I had a PA system I would probably subject them to my music. I would probably get fired. Unless it was Mos Def, you know, because white people like him. Sean Price hasn't made that list yet.
"Eminem nice but Eminem white" - Sean P.
Check out this short one from Killah Priest's new album. Yikes, just plain yikes.

If you aren't hip to Killah Priest, get familiar. He was with Sunz of Man - which is all you should need to know, but later release 3 or 4 solo albums. His first is, in my opinion, one of the all time best Wu albums of all time - Heavy Mental. His interview with Kelefa Sannah from Transition magazine was basically one of the most awesome pieces of journalism of all time. I think Harpers picked up the article and my dad made me read it in highschool. I remember him saying something to the effect of, this guy is basically nuts. And my response being something to the effect of yup, he is and his album blew my mind. Tried to dig out a copy for you guys but they want me to subscribe. Uh, no thanks.
Gooooo weekend.

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