Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still Wil' Out, Kick It Like Cobra Kai Dojo

Man o man o man o man. Full tilt this week. Today was one of those days where for some reason people asked me repeatedly for my opinion on relatively controversial work things. For future reference, this is a very quick way for you to sink half an hour if you don't have anything better to do. Anyway, I got to say what I thought - which was good for me, and probably marginally useful for other people. I am a big proponent of discussion which I think in most companies is seen as wasted time. I should have been on the debate team.
Watched Hellboy II over the weekend and it was pretty much exactly as I expected. Which is to say it was good, but not great. The monsters were pretty rad though and this was my greatest hope for the movie. A lot of people quipped that the monsters in this movie looked a lot like the monsters from the Pan's Labyrinth movie and honestly they kind of did, but uh, hello, those monsters were pretty bad ass and one of my major criticisms of Pan's Labyrinth was that they pumped the monsters in the previews and under-delivered in the actual movie. Anyway, I liked this Hellboy better than the first one.
Speaking of movies, Kia and I finally watched There Will Be Blood last night. Kia wasn't a big fan and I have to admit, I got pretty bored. Daniel Day-Lewis was bad ass in the role (no more so than most of his roles though - the dude is an awesome actor) but the plot was kind of slow at times and never really turned in a way that I found really engaging. Kia thought it was depressing, it was. Dougherty said that he thought it was better than No Country For Old Men, its not - friendo.
Early start tomorrow and I managed to let a coworker talk me into giving a presentation at sort of the last minute. Talked me into it? Please, I didn't even give the meekest of resistance. Get comfortable with saying no and make yourself redundant - those are my professional development areas for the day.
About to hop off the shuttle. Stay up on your business.


Matt Dougherty said...

I guess I should have warned you it's not a rap video.

Matthew Lewis said...

Honestly, I was pretty confused. I thought it featured Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

robert said...

You young people with your new-fangled ideas! When will you learn that a good cup of cocoa and a crossword puzzle are just the ticket on a lazy weekend?

Matthew Lewis said...

We'll probably figure that out when we are old.