Friday, July 11, 2008

VIP Baby, These Days D-I Prescreens Baby, Let Me See ID

Booyakah, back like a comet.
Been tied up this week. My dad expressed some concern around my lack of blogging but I feel that this has more to do with the fact that his blog comments are beginning to account for the majority of his social life rather than any genuine concern for my wellbeing. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about your little "hip hop is dead" comment pops. I'll be right back with a couple things to say on that.
Spent the last couple days wearing grown up clothes, being diplomatic and enjoying a 20 minute commute. The conference was solid.
Man trip got canceled for this weekend. This is a minor tragedy in my book. I was looking forward to it.
A weekend in the city may be just what the doc ordered. I am definitely trying to watch Hell Boy II. Guillermo del Toro is a creative genius (I'm a huge fan of the Spy Kids franchise) and it looks like they finally let him go nuts with creating some crazy-ass monsters.
My brother is apparently coming to town next week, actually arriving on Kia's birthday. He has a training thing in San Diego and is going to come by SF for a day or two. I asked him what he wanted to do, he mostly said eat, I can make that happen. Was going to see if I can scoop up some baseball tickets for Wednesday or Thursday but the first Giants game next week is Friday because of the All-Star week.
Van Damme.
Lincecum apparently isn't getting the start at the All-Star game. He should. Here is why:

3.27 13-4 106 1.17

2.66 10-2 126 1.27

Less wins, but he plays for the frickin' Giants. Dude is a beast.
Just caught wind of this Dilla track. Its awesome. Enjoy.


dan said...

dan park in mlb 2k7 just completed his 4th season (3rd world series ring) and finished the season:

1.49era 22-1 302k ~.600whip

nelson said...

Matthew Lewis said...

He also just pitched on Sunday. Apparently Sheets is starting, he has a better stat line than Webb but I still think Timmy should have started, barfing or not.