Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Word To My Nanna

Hump day. Shuttling south at this point. Work has been relatively ape and I have been sinking a lot of my commute time into catching up on work as opposed to blogging. I've also had to spend an increased amount of time trying to follow the now numerous blogs generated by my coworkers. I must say its become increasingly difficult and if anyone is interested in creating a meta-blog which would aggregate and summarize the content I would be willing to subscribe for a couple bucks a month.
I've been trying to get into this Neil Stephenson series Quicksilver but I am struggling with the first 20 pages. This is not a good sign. I guess I need to stop reading in bed but, you know, when I'm not in bed there are things like PS3s which are more likely to snatch my attention. Maybe I should grow up. Meh.
Another product of my new favorite youtube query "red band trailer" is the trailer for Burn After Reading from the Cohen brothers.

Uh, this looks awesome. Brad Pitt's haircut/ipod armband combination is enough of a reason for me to go to this movie.
About at work. Stay grizzled.


robert said...

I recall that Quicksilver started out with a Ben Franklin type of historical moment, and was obscure. I think there was at least one arcane reference for Stephensonophiles and the introduction to Daniel Waterhouse, one of the main characters, took a while to set up. But the whole Royal Academy of Science historical/information bit got interesting pretty quickly, despite the fact that history isn't my thing. I was surprised how entertaining Isaac Newton could be. But then, I think I got engaged with the book faster because Waterhouse was supposed to be aging out of relevance when the book opens. It's an amazing series.

Matthew Lewis said...

Alright, I will stick with it. The obscurity of the historical scene I am sifting through right now is compounded by the fact that I am reading it before going to bed though. I should just restart the book during the day....

imnotjason said...

For the blog reading problem, you could always use Google Reader.

It wouldn't be too hard to create an aggregation site, if people want to go that route.

Matthew Lewis said...

The problem with Reader is that it still forces me to read all the content to find the things I am interested in. Maybe we can do an aggregation site with a pick of the day.