Monday, July 14, 2008

From AK to Gray Day

Headed south. This morning was made more excruciating by the fact that I managed to pick up a chest cold this weekend. I almost turned around about four times on my way out to the Muni bus to head back into bed chug some Robitussin. The people sitting across from me on the shuttle are wishing that I had as I keep coughing all over them. My cube-mates are going to be thrilled.
Spent the majority of the weekend nursing the cold. Did some cleaning of the apartment in preparation for my brother's arrival on Wednesday. Played some Forza Motorsports: 2 on Sunday while Kia was at work. The game is pretty much identical to Gran Turismo except that Microsoft apparently realized that the career mode in Gran Turismo is kind of a pain in the ass to make any money at and subsequently hard to upgrade your cars. That said, Microsoft made it unprofitable to sell the cars you area awarded for winning races (100 credits for a 1970 Porsche 914, wtf?) which is kind of annoying.
I have to say, I am glad that I ended up not going camping this weekend if only because It would have sucked being stuck in the middle of the woods with this cold.
Maybe I will try to bounce early today.
Finished the third season of The Wire on Saturday. It was a good season. I am interested to see how they carve out a couple more seasons of the show. A lot of the plot lines appear to be tidied up at this point.

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