Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Need To Watch The Way You Talkin' To Me Yo

Survived the trip to Tokyo.  Fairly painless really.  Flight was about 12 hours and I watched about four movies the best of which was Step Brothers.  I am pretty glad United decided not to edit it for content.  It would have been terrible if they cut the swear words.
I arrived in Tokyo Friday afternoon and was hurried onto an airport shuttle towards the hotel in the building the office is in.  I wandered around for a bit and then was met by (OK that was weird, someone just dialed me from downstairs and asked if I had a bible - the answer was no) the representative from the real estate people.  The lady was quite nice and threw me into a taxi with my bags for a 5 minute taxi ride to the apartment.  Anyway, long story short, I made it.  I found a grocery store bought some Suntory and ate some instant noodles.  
I spent the next couple of days settling in and getting familiar with the neighborhood.  Its been pretty interesting walking around seeing a mixture of small neighborhood shops and gigantic lcd screens at the Shibuya crossing.  The combination of grow shops, hippy stores with rasta hats and "rest" hotels in my neighborhood is awesome.  I need to start trying the restaurants around here.  There is literally a restaurant every third storefront. 
I took a few photos walking around.
That was a lot of people.  
Started working on my Japanese language software and now I can tell the difference between "the boy is drinking milk" and "the girl is drinking milk".  I feel pretty good about that progress.
Today was a holiday from work, Labor Thanksgiving Day.  I got soaked walking around this afternoon.  My goretex coat is apparently no longer waterproof which I am a little steamed about.  I think it might have to go back to REI.
Oh, and if you haven't seen the new Kanye video - you're welcome.  The video is inspired by the movie American pop - which frankly I didn't like but the style is bonkers.  Kia said it better than I ever could have when she said "I like animated Kanye better than real Kanye".


Reid Yokoyama said...

Nice - I spent three weeks in Tokyo a few year's back and it's probably my favorite city.

There's a bar in Shibuya called GasPanic (in some random basement) and Club Vanilla in Roppongi Hills that I have fond memories of...ahh the expat lifestyle.

Also make sure you do some karaoke, nomihodai style.

[reposting with correct spelling]

robert said...

I want to know about the prison/ER theme bar. Jail cell booths and drinks in plasma bags. Also beehive motels. Probably people don't recognize your Asian heritage.
Tansho daburu.

Your Dad