Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attach Dynamite To Opportunity, Blow Your Chance

Think your vote doesn't count?  Wrongo.  Well, wrongo if you live in a swing state or you happen to be registered in AK and voting for senator.  Apparently the latest tally of votes has Mark Begich leading Ted Stevens by, wait for it now, three votes.  Three votes!
Good gravy.  
Almost back to my stop on the shuttle.  Laundry tonight and probably something quick for dinner.  Still trying to get my life in order before my trip next week.  The nervousness about the trip is wearing off and being replaced with excitement.  Neil said he would be disappointed if my ringtone wasn't the "I'm Turning Japanese" song.  Shit, who needs a ringtone when I can sing the song and do the flashdance running in place dance move?  
"I'm a maniac, maniaaaac on the floor!"


robert said...

Good gravy?
How about: Wowsa!
Or: The cat's pajamas?

When you get to Japan, you can stroke your chin and say: "So ka."

nelson said...

woot! 814