Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Next Year You're Jamaican Eating Tofu Steaks

OK, going to be a quick entry.  Already in the city on the commute home and I am jumping off at Civic Center to meet Kia at the movies.  Going to go see the new Bond movie.  New Bond (Daniel Craig) is my favorite second Bond based on the last movie, but supposedly this one kind of stinks.  It might be back to Moore as my second favorite before the evening is over.  We will see. 
Work is winding down in Mountain View.  Reviews have been delivered and I have my last big presentation tomorrow.  I have scheduled time on my calendar to clear out my desk but I think the hour I have booked may not really cover the time needed to clean up that nightmarish mess.  Screw it.
Had a good weekend.  It was pretty relaxing but we spent a big chunk of Sunday running errands in order to get me ready to go this week.  I haven't packed a single thing but whatever.  Clothes and an Xbox and I will be good for about 3 years.  
Excitement is being weighed right now with some anxiety but that seems pretty healthy.  Had a pep-talk from Sara earlier which was encouraging.  
OK, grind hard.


Michael Wyszomierski said...

Going to see Bond even though the team is seeing it on Thursday? If your "big presentation" is "The Plot of the Bond Movie I Saw Last Night" then you're a jerk.

robert said...

Ouch. Harsh.

See what happens when you put your business on the back of an ethereal postcard?

Let us be clear: The plot of any Bond movie is worth about eight words: Suave killer beds babes, explodes toys, survives bloodshed. (A comma between survives and bloodshed is optional.) Ipso facto, any presentation regarding plot is going to be "small."

Setting aside the ad hominem remark leaves the comment rather thin. Still, there is an implication that your team spirit/orientation/commitment is lacking, in the face of self interest. There is also a hint that though the Bond movie might be the basis for a searching discussion during your presentation of concepts significant to the work of the team, your assessment of the movie is going to be limited by your lack of intellectual capacity to discern any more than the outlines of a "plot."

We could interpret the conditional pejorative in a variety of ways: 1.) you're not a jerk if your "big presentation" has nothing to do with "The Plot....;" 2.) you're not a jerk if your presentation is "small;" 3.) you're not a jerk if your presentation is only about the photo-montage sequences, but not "The Plot....;" 4.) you're a jerk because you don't have anything else to talk about at the presentation than "The Plot....; 5.) you're a jerk if you don't realize that everyone already understands the plots of all Bond movies (see above).

In Japan, there is a well-established tradition of getting drunk with the supervisor after hours in order to be able to say those things which would be uncomfortable at the office: a social dry erase board for expression of feelings. Perhaps you and Michael could find time to sit down over a bottle of Suntory.

Matthew Lewis said...

"For relaxing times, make it Suntory times."

robert said...

Just don't let Midori become your drink muse....