Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guess Jeans, She Charged 35 Beans

Shuttling towards the city for the last time for a while.  Headed to Tokyo tomorrow morning at 11am.  Today was pretty kosher.  I didn't get to catch up with everyone completely as I had hoped.  Such is life.  
Printed some key information (flight stuff, phone numbers, a map or two) before I left work so I feel like I am armed with enough information that if I am reduced to pointing and grunting I should be able to fumble my way through the airport to apartment process.  
I am pretty ragged at this point.  I have been operating on 5ish hours of sleep the last week or two. I have gotten pretty used to getting up at 5:30am to make the 6:30am shuttle to Mountain View.  Its a little rough in the morning but the commute down is both fast and I don't have a tough time sleeping as the shuttle leaves early as nuts.  Getting in at 7:30am has been nice because I feel somehow more productive if I am in early and there are always Lucky Charms for me.
Going to Bar Tartine tonight with the wifey.  That restaurant is fast becoming one of my favorites.  I took my brother over there when he was in town a couple months ago and he was appropriately impressed.  
Saw the Quantum of Solace movie last night and it was pretty good.  James Bond shot some people and beat up a few more.  I like the casting of the recent movies and the lack of terrible puns has been a welcome change.  
This track came on my ipod as I hopped on the shuttle and I'll be damned if its not worth sharing:

Unnnh.  Grimey.
OK, some BI to handle this evening.  
挽くハード (grind hard)

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