Monday, November 03, 2008

Night Can Never Come Soon Enough For Me

Yeah OK, so this post is mostly YouTube videos.  Don't like it, well go read some election news.  Speaking of the election, holy nuts, everybody is pretty whipped up about this one.  I have to admit, I am pretty excited to go vote tomorrow.  Old school, dropping the ballot in the box and getting my sticker.
Check out some music:
A little Raphael Saadiq:

He re-works that Dre beat pretty damned well.

Another Saadiq track:

The video to this one is pretty alright, but some dumb ass on YouTube disabled embedding - thanks Universal Music - asses.
While I am on the whole soul music thing, the new Al Green album is pretty legit (based on what I have heard on YouTube so far).  ?uestlove produced the bulk of the album and I am pretty impressed that he was able to get pretty close to Al's classic sound with the tracks I have heard.  

Get 'em Al.  
Someday I will do a post about my love for old school R&B and *some* funk but that day is not today.
Go vote.  Oh, and please, please don't deprive my home state of Alaska their much cherished Governor for the remainder of her FIRST term.  We need her to solve the moose eating bushes issue in Anchorage.  Is chicken-wire the answer?!  We need her help!  Wasilia needs its leader!
OK, grind hard.

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