Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Form A Line, Jack Ya, Then Pawn The Shine

Tuesday.  Done. 
Getting on a plane for Japan on Thursday of next week.  What does that mean?  Mostly it means I am busy as shit trying to get my life together before I blow this popsicle stand.  Finished writing reviews for my team today, it always takes longer than I originally estimate.  Lots left to do both at work and not before I am actually ready to go.
I have been getting lots of advice from coworkers who have been to Japan before which has been really helpful.  Mostly they are giving me advice on what food to eat and mostly they just keep saying Ramen.  I'm cool with that.
Thinking about bringing my Xbox with me.  I don't think the PS3 would make the trip and it weighs about a ton and a half.  I am trying to scoop a few games to bring with me to Japan so if people have recommendations holla atcha frog.
I haven't blogged for like 5 days or something and they were an eventful few days.  Friday was the big Wurmcock (Wurm/Hitchcock) wedding.  The wedding itself was on Baker Beach in the afternoon.  It was a good thing they scheduled the wedding for the afternoon too because around 5pm the fog rolled in fast and the beach was about 15 degrees colder and a lot less photo-friendly.  Right after the wedding our alternator died on the way from the wedding to drop the dog off before the reception.  After the tow truck dropped us off and our buddy came and picked us up we made it to the reception which was - bonkers.  It was pretty damned fun, the DJ was very legitimate and I danced like a raver on ecstasy when the "Barbie Girl" song comes on.  It was the perfect combination, sweet wedding and serious party.
The rest of the weekend was spent recovering and spending a little time with Mike and Maria who were in town from Santa Fe and Jules who was down from Anchorage.  Easily three of my favorite people.
OK, made it up to the city.  Going to shut it down.
Grind hard.

*Update - So it turns out my last post was November 3rd and so if your main source of news is this blog I feel obligated to point out that Obama won.  His election made me proud to be from this country.  Or, you know, technically from part of Canada.

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