Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hurry Onward Lemmiwinks Or You Will Soon Be Dead

So Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg.  Or, that's the story that he is sticking to so far.  The way my fantasy football season is going I am surprised he isn't on my team.  Nice move Plax.  
Went for a walk around the Imperial Palace today and had my first experience on the subway.  It was extremely painless.  It was also Sunday afternoon and my understanding is that this rush hour is the time you want to avoid the subway system.  The palace was cool but because I am a lazy bastard I didn't make it to the palace in time to check out the gardens which close at 3pm.  I got some photos though which I would be sharing if I hadn't managed to leave my mini USB cord at the office.  Tough for you I suppose.
Did some Japanese lessons this evening.  Progress has been relatively slow but I am able to pick up more each time.  The structure for the Rosetta Stone stuff is actually pretty good.  They have various methods to teach vocabulary and grammar.  There is a lot of repetition and the software actually recognizes the quality of the users speech.  I am halfway through the first unit and I am pretty far from actually speaking Japanese.  Slowly but surely.
OK, time to go to sleep.  The second week of work in Tokyo starts tomorrow.  
Grind hard.


robert said...

I had the impression that you did not use Rosetta Stone for Mandarin. What gives?
Sadaharu Oh had a very unusual (for that time) swing, involving lifting his front leg and lunging with his entire body, especially when he was trying to slam one. He had a slightly more compact swing when he was just trying to hit the ball.

I remember the Yomiuri Giants were sort of like the Yankees back then, and won a lot of games and championships because of their 3-4 hitters. The guy hit a lot of home runs.

I'll be interested to hear if Japanese baseball is still generally "small-ball" compared to American play.

See you,

Matthew Lewis said...

I'm not really sure on the small-ball thing. I haven't actually gotten to watch a game on tv because its off season right now. They do like to show highlights of a certain Chunichi Dragons player hitting homeruns and tossing the bat in the air like Manny Ramirez. So there is that similarity. Though, this player doesn't have quite as awesome of a haircut as Manny.

robert said...

The whole dreadlocks thing just doesn't translate well into that Asian straight, flat, hair type. I'm thinking Mohawks would be pretty good. But that doesn't fit with what I perceive to be a relatively rigid team orientation. (There's that pun again.)

Matthew Lewis said...

Get a hold of yourself.
I definitely noticed a player or two with some mohawk-esque haircuts.
This guy might disagree with you on the Asian dreadlock thing.
Thats a pretty serious statement about Africa that that guy is sporting on his shoulder. I wonder if Rain has one of those....

robert said...

1.) Natty.
2.) Bjorky
There was a Japanese fad a few years ago where kids were raving on the streets dressed in 50's teener garb.
But then there was a Japanese fad a few years ago where kids were doing you-name-it.