Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeah I Am Posting Akon and Lil' Wayne - So What?

OK stop judging me for a minute and listen to the song.
Made a stop by Amoeba over the weekend and scooped up a few cds that I have been wanting. They were playing the Carnival II album - that the Akon song is from - while I was there and I couldn't help myself. Also got the new Ghostface, Hi-Tek and a Planet Asia album I was needing. Goooo Amoeba return policy.
Things are good. Busy at work, getting ready for a trip to Dublin in a week or so. Kia and I went to this new Nepalese restaurant on Sunday with Kevin and Erika and it was pretty good. My palate isn't sophisticated enough to distinguish between Indian and Nepalese food at this point except they served pickled daikon - Erika deftly described it as Nepalese sauerkraut. Wow, sauerkraut is tricky to spell. I guess I could have asked the two German speakers sitting across from me but their faces are a little intense at this point. Yikes.
On the way up to the city on the shuttle. We just passed Monster Park - formerly Candlestick Park, named after Monster Cables, not Monster Jobs as is commonly assumed - which means that I am about 10 minutes away from jumping off the shuttle at Alamo Square.
Hope things are well with everybody.


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