Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mmmmm Grimey

Haven't posted in a while. I am going to blame work and being sick as opposed to being lazy for that. Came down pretty hard with a head cold last week and spent the better part of the three day weekend whining about it. Feeling better now - sort of. Went to the Warriors game on Monday with Dan, Albert and RC which was pretty pathetic. When the highlight of the basketball game is me dropping a nacho chip in the plumber crack of the guy in front of me its a bad sign. Golden State lost, to Minnesota, they just couldn't stop the post game. Anyway.
My dad sent me this article which is about a person in Anchorage named Matthew Lewis who pissed off another guy ("exchanged terse comments that were perceived as disrespect," - written as only a cop could) with a gun in front of a Best Buy and proceeded to get shot at. It wasn't me.
Signed up for a Facebook account this week which was fun for about 20 minutes. It was cool to see Facebook connect me to people that it thought I knew based on friends I added with surprising accuracy. Now my Facebook account has been relegated to a way to poke Allan on a 24 hour cycle. At least its not MySpace.
Last week a few of the chuckleheads I work with and I decided to "pimp" Marbin's ride. I have some photos but need to download them. In the meantime you can check out Marb's baby blog (he begged me for a link from my blog).


Jason said...

"Matthew Lewis" had beef with a guy named Jason...awesome!

Matthew Lewis said...

A guy named Jason with a gun none the less.