Thursday, January 24, 2008

It Ain't Nothing to a Boss

Shuttling up to SF right now. Killed off my email early today and traffic is a little rough - oy. I have been in training the last two days and have one more day of training tomorrow. Its always interesting to see my personal progression in the trainings from highly skeptical to overly enthusiastic. I ended up being pretty geeked out by the end of today's training but the sessions were good enough that I didn't feel overly self-conscious about it. But yes, I might have been that guy, you know the guy, the overly enthusiastic guy, the guy who agrees about everything and is all about building on ideas. Yeah, I can be that guy. Kia won't believe me though.
Anyway, one more day of training tomorrow and then flying out to Dublin on Sunday. I let Dougherty talk me into doing the Sunday flight to Dublin which arrives at 8am Monday morning Dublin time. I am still not quite clear on how I managed to be talked into this. The Dublin trip should be cool though. I tacked on an extra day at the end to try and do something fun. We will see what type of energy I have at that point.
I saw Sara today at work, actually I saw her the day before yesterday too, neither time did I actually talk to her. This likely is because I am internally tormented by her imminent departure from Google (even if its temporary). For those of you who didn't follow my earlier advice to read Sara's blog, Sara is taking a leave from Google to write her period romance novel. I have requested a character based on myself in one of her future installments (she told me the other day that Salim requested a character called Salim "The Moor") the best name I have come up with is Matthew "The Unkempt" - I know, its weak. I wish her the best and am excited for her to pursue her interests but I am selfishly sad to see her go. The lack of our awesomely hilarious Iowa vs. Alaska lunches will be a big hole in my calendar for the next three months.
Listening to George Lopez on my ipod right now. If you don't know, George is legitimately funny, even his sitcom is funny and its on ABC. Watch his stand up special if you can - its on Netflix - and score one of his cds while you are at it. One of the middle-school teachers I did classroom support for in college used to play his cds to the kids, which in retrospect is probably highly inappropriate, and it was awesome.
OK in the city now. Stay on your grind.


robert said...

Good luck with the bodice-ripper, Sara. Depending upon the period, I suggest the name "Raoul." This name allows the author to not have to expend any words in description of the character. It is clear that everyone in the world knows not just what Raoul looks like, but his general demeanor as well. In fact, I have suggested that Liz can bring home any guy she wants, EXCEPT a guy named "Raoul."w1

Sara said...

awwwww, thanks Matthew! I just read this, otherwise when I ran into you today I would have just stared at you, as though separated by a vast gulf, and then walked away.

j/k, I'm really going to miss our lunches too - I feel that we were making great progress at establishing formal diplomatic relations between Alaska and Iowa. I'll be around all of February, though, so we can have lunch when you get back from Dublin!

Matthew Lewis said...

Yes, our "Corn for Salmon" trade agreement will suffer from your departure.