Monday, January 07, 2008

Lupe Hit the Lotto, Snoopy Hit the Bottle

OK props go out to Albert for hooking up the new Lupe Fiasco album. Listening to it on the way back to SF on the shuttle, chatting with my boys Allan and Kun, updating the blog and feeling back in the swing.
Back at work today which was pretty cool. Its interesting how quickly you can fall back into things. Lots of good work to do though and some short term travel stuff coming up for me in the next month or so.
Hooked up the XBox 360 I got from Thomas for Christmas last night and it looks fantastic. Played the first level and a half of Gears of War and realized that its basically one of the sickest games ever. Now if only I could man up and play it on a harder level than "casual".
Wifey and I went to No Country for Old Men the day before we left Anchorage and it was awesome. If I was an obnoxious movie review guy I would call it "gritty" or "hard-hitting". Damn, I guess that makes me that guy. Anyway, some pretty cool performances, a pretty awesome story and a bad ass haircut on this guy.
OK getting to the city now. Man, the more stable wifi makes this commute much more manageable. Hope things are good with everyone.

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