Friday, October 05, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot

Kia and I are in Bangkok and it is equally as sweaty as Laos and Cambodia. Kia says its not as hot, I respectfully disagree by sweating through my clothes instantaniously. Alaskans were not bred for tropical heat and lava temperature curries (but damn, they are tasty). Tomorrow we head for Chiang Mai where we plan to take it relatively easy and maybe go hang out with some elephants. Awww yeah.
Saw my sister and her friend Erin a couple days ago. They were on their way south to sit on the beach near the border of Malaysia (truly Asia). I told them to look up Kunan when they got there.
Back to Beijing in a few days, meaning back to work. Vacation has been a blast but I am looking forward to my own (kind of) bed. We are turning around, hopefully - pending entrance permits, to Tibet a few days after getting to Beijing. Whew, busy month.
Hope all is well with everyone. Drop me a line if you get a chance.
Matthew (and Kia)


KunAn said...

Oh Truly Asia, 1 more day left and we will go buy watermelon together. Let's go hang out with the pandas in Beijing zoo ! Say hi to Kia and your sister, tell her I miss her Hotel Kalifornia !

John Reese said...

You made me hungry for spicy food, so I went to the Thai place, but when I got there the fried chicken over fried rice looked better than the curries.