Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And What Are You Supposed To Be?

Happy Halloween! Beijing got the jump on all you slow movers out there and got the Halloween festivities going. I went with the Hella Hyphy King outfit, which quickly got translated into the King of Harbin or the Motel 8 King because of the bathrobe. Any excuse to wear my new stunna shades. Halloween was a blast but China is still a little behind in adopting the holiday. Everyone changed into their costumes right before the party - except me. Anyway, some photos of the party below.

Going dumb.

Revelers. Peter was doing it big with the Rastafarian outfit. He admitted to me that he used to wear such clothing on days other than Halloween.

Get your game face on.

This is me winning - short roots and all.

I don't know what Kunan was supposed to be but it cracked me the hell up. Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. No party in the Castro I hear this year although the wife and I haven't been in a couple years. It got a little rough around the edges the past few. No costume contest win this year - I would have felt pretty sad for the contest if I had won.


robert said...

"But how am I supposed to bite the apple with this blast shield on?"
"You must feel the force."
"Feel the force? But how...?"
"Let your feelings flow."
"Ow! I bit my lip! This will never work."
"Feel the force."
"I did it! Maybe there is something to this force."
"Good against apples is one thing kid, good against a watermelon, that's different."

Matthew Lewis said...

Alright dad. I know you aren't that big of a Star Wars fan - did you use IMDB and change the words? You so crazy!
So I had a pretty ridiculous technique for this process. Most people were trying to finesse the apple into their mouth, wrong! My strategy was to bounce the apple off of my face until it wedged into my teeth. Awww yeah, apple on a string bobbing at its best. I strive for greatness.

robert said...

I know that as I approach the end, I don't want to be one of those people who say: "If only I had spent more time bobbing for apples on a string. Those were my happiest moments. How foolish I was to have wasted time in other pursuits." That is why, each day, I hang an apple from a string in my office and smear it with some kind of gooey substance, (my personal favorite is peanut butter) and happily (as you astutely point out) bounce the apple off my face to eventually jam the thing into my incisors. And it is not a communal experience. More meditative. I've learned a lot about myself in those moments. Someday I'll share those insights with you (and the world at large) in your blog. For now, just know that I feel your peace.

Matthew Lewis said...

So, I am happy to hear that the quality (and apparently the abundance) of marijuana in Nome has improved. I would also comment that I look forward to your shared insights about yourself - but maybe you should start your own blog. I think your great perspective deserves a more prominent vehicle than my comments pages.... :)

robert said...

First, I don't think I could come up with a better title, and second, I don't have to fool around with posting anything original. All I have to do is type into yours. Besides, I have to believe that you have a counter somewhere on this thing that shows that you are on the bajillion hits list. When are you going to put up advertisements?

Matthew Lewis said...

Advertisements!? Come on, they have been there for months. Clearly you aren't paying attention. Now I have to do a post about my advertisements. I definitely have a counter. I have Google Analytics installed so I can see where people are connecting to my page from and how often. I should share the stats.