Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh, the Joys of Internet Cafes

Actually I am at the hotel lobby of a pretty sweet little hotel in Luang Prabang. I am basically sweating like a beast but Laos has been rad so far. We got in earlier this afternoon after 3 nights in Siem Riep. I kind of expected Laos to be exactly like Cambodia but its far more laid back. Lots of backpackers and boutique artisan shops. Cambodia was awesome too, but way more aggressively tourist driven. Kia was getting sick of being called "lady", as in "hey lady, do you want water lady?". The answer was normally, "hell yes I want water, it is 90 degrees out I am about to pass out."
Headed to Bangkok in a couple days. Liz is there and her friend Erin might also be showing up in a day or two. Uh, can you say "party like an animal"?
We took tons of photos at the temples in Cambodia so I can bore anyone who is interested later. I imagine they will be featured on the blog once I get to download my memory card. Kia has been hogging the camera. I won't admit it to her but her photos are better than mine.
OK, going to sign off. Hope all is well.


KunAn said...

I am sweating like hell in Kuala Lumpur singing Malaysia truly Asia ~~~
Have fun in Cambodia man, we are pretty close to each other now, but will head back to "fa piao fa piao" town soon... bore me with your pictures when we get back, is Cambodia truly Asia as well? hahahaha

Matthew Lewis said...

Thanks Kunan. We already went to Cambodia and we are headed for Thailand now. A couple days in Bangkok and then Chiang Mai.
Cambodia is truly Asia, although I did not see any watermelon sellers....
See you in a few days.