Sunday, October 07, 2007

Video Games

So this little Thai kid next to me at the internet cafe/coffee house is playing some rad games. Some kind of online Transformers game which is loud as all get out. He also has half a bag of Ruffles hanging out of his mouth. I think he's not aloud to eat them while he plays.
Anyway, Kia and I are in Chiang Mai and its raining on and off. We have been exploring the city which has been fairly entertaining. It is way more my pace than Bangkok was. If other people have been to Kho San Road I would be interested in comparing notes. For me it was kind of like the worst combination of Cancun and Haight Street possible.
The weather in Chiang Mai has been conducive to chilling out which has been exactly what I have been looking for.
Back to Beijing the day after tomorrow. The trip has been pretty damn fun so far and I will blast everyone with oodles of photos when I get to a more stable computer with my memory card.

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