Monday, October 29, 2007

Pandas: Vicious Killers or Notorious Snugglers?

Here are some shots from Chengdu where we stopped for a couple days before flying into Tibet. One of the things to do in Chengdu is the Panda research and breeding facility - so we did that. It was pretty cool, there were pandas. It was also a little weird. The detail that they went into with regard to the breeding process was a bit extreme. I mean, I watch as much National Geographic channel as the next guy, but I don't need to see all that. The pandas were rad. My sister described them as "freaking cute" and this seems pretty accurate.
Halloween is coming and costume pickins is slim in Beijing. We went to shop for costumes today and it was mildly successful but the costumes were a little generic. I think I have wimped out of my Chinese pop star costume, the haircut commitment is too severe.
Anyway, pandas.

This one looks angry, I don't think it was but then again, what the hell do I know?

Lazy pandas. Apparently all the pandas do is eat bamboo and sleep. Well, and then sometimes they are apparently artificially inseminated. These are the sleeping photos.

Not pandas but equally as cute.


These are the eating photos. I showed one of my coworkers the photos and she said that the pandas were too dirty. She was right. Take a bath hippies.

Yeah, Kia talked me into this one. I think it kind of looks like the panda is throwing me up.


robert said...

I suggest a panda costume, which I perceive as a heavy dose of black and white "Kiss" make-up and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears with fuzz on them. You're right, you've got the cute part already wrapped up, so once you get the black/white thing down: Panda.

Matthew Lewis said...

Yeah, I was looking into renting a panda costume actually. It was a pretty cool one too but for 67 bucks for 24 hours I couldn't justify it. I could probably have one made for that much money if I found the right person here....