Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why Youtube is Brilliant

So, you start on Youtube doing your standard search for "Madlib" a search that cannot be too uncommon and you find yourself diving into related videos of equal brilliance. A Madlib promo for his already released Beat Konducta album.

Oh, man, so awesome. Speechless. The part where he rips out the hair and blows it away is money. Then you sift through some garbage myspace-esque comments and filter out a couple of jewels which lead you to further videos. This one, an old school rap video Netherland artists Miker G and DJ Sven. Wikipedia states that this song was later remixed into the Madonna hit. Madonna should have left it to the pros.

Man, I even remember when people would wear those hats. So awesome. And the sweaters - my brother had something like that except it was black and white I think. Classic. While I am outing my brother, he also had a keyboard hat. For those of you who grew up on Power Rangers and not He-Man we are talking about a musical instrument keyboard here, not a computer keyboard. This was back when playing the piano could be as bad ass as playing the guitar because you could strap your keyboard to your shoulder and rock out. OK, bear with me here, last video and its a good one.

So this is the full scene expanded out from the short clip on the Madlib promo. How good is that? Absolutely, insanely brilliant. OK, I know three videos in one post is pushing it but hopefully that was worth it. I still have more vacation photos I need to share from Leshan and Tibet so that is on my plate. Work is busy right now. Maybe I should spend less time on youtube....


robert said...

Those of us using Windows 98 and less than up to date audio/video cards are not up to snuff on Youtube. I get four seconds of feed, an ten seconds of rebuffering. I don't watch a lot of anything in that format. I'm sure that your other correspondents are more enabled, but not me. Do you remember DOS? I am back to Nome after working my act in Kotzebue for a couple days. One of the prospective jurors said that my questions were just "smoke and mirrors." I asked what the phrase "...your important affairs...." (as written in one of the jury instructions) meant to him. He said I was confusing him. I said I wasn't sure what he meant by "confusing him" since I just wanted to know what he thought, and he said my questions were just smoke and mirrors. We kept that up for a while, and he was never able to actually answer the question. He actually sat with his mouth open for a few seconds and nothing came out. Maybe needless to say, he isn't on the jury any more. If he had been the only one, it would not have been as frustrating an experience.

Matthew Lewis said...

Just a guess here, but the youtube buffering probably has more to do with your internet connection than video card. You asked about DOS - I remember when we had that Wang word processor.
Regarding your juror, I agree with him, your questions are normally just smoke and mirrors disguising your devious plans to confound simple minded Alaskans - muahahahaha. Mouth-breather - enough said.