Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its been a long time... I shouldn't have left you...

Not a lot to report on my front. I am headed to Qingdao to visit my sister on Friday. The city is known for beer and seafood apparently. Liz works on Saturday so I will be on my own (likely taking photos and partaking in seafood and beer). Beijing has been hazy the last week or so which should last the majority of the summer, until the sandstorms start. Awesome!
I went and got a haircut over the weekend. It was expensive by Beijing standards but I think it was worth it, you be the judge:

Alright, enough of that silliness. Kia threw some photos of her trip to Alaska on her picasa web album here
I decided to try to post more regularly, perhaps about music or some other non-travel related topic to break it up a bit. Also, I pointed this out to my dad but for everyone else's benefit you can now find my blog advertised in AdWords when you do searches, specifically "Matt Lewis" or "Matthew Robert Lewis", I couldn't afford "Matthew Lewis" probably because of that stupid Harry Potter kid. Damn.
Anyway, hope things are well with everyone. Drop me a line.


robert said...

I've been clicking on this Matt Lewis button all day. I must have clicked on this ad 10,000 times. I do not understand how these ads work. All I seem to get is this blog site. I had the impression that when you bought this ad what would happen is that when I click on it, money is printed on my computer. I thought there would be a screen that said what denomination and how much. That is not happening. I especially loaded my printer with the correct ink cartridges. What gives? Is this just some Nigerian scam thing? Which Matthew Lewis is this? I hope I'm not talking to the guy with the hair.

Matthew Lewis said...

I don't even know what to respond here. That was just weird.

robert said...

The internet is filled with the strange and wonderful.