Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Been Busy

(I don't know who that lady is....)
So I haven't posted much lately but I have been taking tons of photos and took a trip out to Hong Kong last weekend to work on my visa. I have pictures from a few touristy things in Beijing and Hong Kong and I will post them all over the next few days.
Here are some pictures from the Summer Palace in Beijing.

It was about 100 degrees out and crowded with people

The view was great from the top of the peak even if the skyline was a bit hazy.

I went to the palace with my friend Kunan who is in town from Malaysia right now.

Some more shots from the top of the peak.

A couple more shots from across the water.
The aptly named 17 hole bridge.

The scenery was nice but pretty obviously man made to aid in framing photos. The rocks below bordered on styrofoam.


robert said...

I am so pleased that China has discovered that the tourism industry is worth supplementing. Faux rocks. Or perhaps, in the parlance, "faux" rocks! Of course in Japan, the extreme falsity of the gardens has become an artform. Raking the sand and placing rocks (them again) just (ah) so. The real question is whether the rocks can be considered formidable and daunting faux or, because it is China, and probably not in the special economic zone, an unworthy faux. If the locale was advertised as a "place your own stones" photo opportunity, I think it would be an immensely more successful attraction.

Matthew Lewis said...

Wait, what?

robert said...

I should never have taken that creative writing class.