Monday, June 11, 2007

Mo' Hong Kong, Mo' Hong Kong, Mo' Hong Kong

Things are going pretty well in Beijing. I can't believe its already been a month. Looking forward to heading out to Qingdao to visit Liz in a few weeks and Kia is planning on heading out towards the end of June. Also, I should be back in California for a week or so in July for some work stuff for those of you who want to catch up in person.
So a few more photos from Hong Kong last weekend. These were taken during the day. We took the tram to the the top of Victoria Peak which offered some great views of the Hong Kong skyline.
First some photos just walking around the financial district.

The tram up was extremely steep. The angle doesn't look as intimidating in the photo as it was in person.

Naturally, at the top of the mountain was a gigantic mall.

From the outside it looked like a radar dish - kind of.

The view from the platform on top was spectacular though.

I swear I brought other tshirts with me to China but for whatever reason I am always wearing this one in photos.

Chao and Yiteng.

Kency and Yiteng.
So I am officially out of photo trips to post. I will have to put some extra effort in this week and actually post something more substantial than snapshots.


robert said...

I am interested to learn whether China smells like America. What's different?

KunAn said...

woah woah we wo! Finally I can access to your blog ! I wished they have Panda Express with Orange Chicken and Beef broccoli with a little mushuuu pork in China. How about a Orange Chicken Burger?

Matt Dougherty said...

How about a General Tso's Pizza!!

KunAn said...

HAHA, How about coca-cola with boba ?

Oh Malaska !

Matthew Lewis said...

So the plumbing smells different, as in bad. Something about the water or pipes smells pretty horrible, like something died in the pipes.
No one drinks water from the tap. Other than that it smells a lot like exhaust.

robert said...

I was figuring coal smoke, but now I will be on my guard.