Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So What Else Is New...?

More a question than a statement. Just finished watching Band of Brothers (again). Pretty awesome show, if you haven't seen it yet watch it immediately. I need a haircut but I am afraid that I might go in and come out looking like this:

Depending on who you ask, this might not be a bad thing. I gotta work on my Mandarin....

Some more pics from last weekend, this time the Forbidden City. Went with Kunan again it wasn't quite as hot as the Summer Palace and surprisingly it was even less crowded.

Here is a picture of Kunan doing what I can only assume is the Captain Planet salute ( I can only hope that wikipedia has a good picture of Captain Planet doing the salute as wikipedia is blocked in China)

Some random pictures of the Forbidden City:

There is no way they use that boat for anything other than photos - looks pretty good though.

After the Forbidden City closed we went to this park and walked to the temple at the top to take some photos.

Shot of the Forbidden City from the hill.

Facing the opposite direction from the Forbidden City.

When we walked down the hill we found people singing in various choir groups throughout the park. This was the largest one. Kunan is in there somewhere getting a closer shot. I was a bit sheepish.

At the park exit they had a little bonzai garden which was actually pretty nice.

That's it for now. Drop me a line if you have a chance. I hope all is well with everyone.


Jacky said...

It is awesome man, go and have your hair cut here. Asian style.

Albert said...

dood. I REALLY REALLY hope your hair turns out like that. That would be wicked sweet. If you're there for halloween, you should be that guy for halloween. keep it real in beijing mr. prime beef.

robert said...

This haircut is a function of both body type and attitude. In this young man's case it appears to work. However, Barry Bonds, who might have the attitude, could not pull off this haircut. At the same time, a rail thin youth with a sunny personality could not pull it off either. Mr. Prime Beef. I am totally impressed with this as a nickname. It definitely beats Mr. Earl Scheib.

Matthew Lewis said...

Kunan has informed me that he was not, in fact, doing the Captain Planet salute but was rather trying to do his best impression of the temple behind him.

KunAn said...

Jay Lewis ! Awww