Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beer and Clams

Pretty rad combination really. Qingdao was a lot of fun and it was great to see Liz. We did the math and we hadn't seen each other since the Christmas before last. Whew.
Despite being entertaining Qingdao left little opportunities for photos. That said, I still took some in anticipation that people would want to see what it looks like. Too bad for those people as it was foggy. Its alright though, the only person who reads this blog is my dad or as Kunan calls him "Robert". Interestingly enough, maybe, because of the Chinese tradition of using family names first, I am often referred to as Robert here in China (its my middle name). Oh yeah, Dad, I found this tshirt which I am trying to decide whether I should buy for you. Dudley is my dad's middle name. While I am at it I will plug the Stonesthrow website where you can find more about Dudley Perkins. Stonesthrow also has one of the best podcasts out there for the hip hop nerd contingency who reads my blog (this is just me).

OK fine, Qingdao
Little sister.


Fog made the spiderwebs more noticeable and photo-worthy.

One more of Liz. We went to this little gelato place and I cracked my dome on the ceiling when we climbed the stairs up to the loft. The gelato was good though and obviously Liz had a little sugar buzz going here.

Headed back to California on Friday for about 10 days for work and to see Kia. Looking forward to this a lot. I cannot believe its already been two months in China. See some of you in a week or so.

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robert said...

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Also, "hello" to Kunan, whom I refer to as Kunan.