Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disciplined, Every Action Was A Fraction Of Strength That Made Me Truncate The Length One-Tenth

Ghostface, Killah Priest, RZA and GZA plus a sample from Shogun Assassin? Forget about it.

FYI - Liquid Swords, one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Do the knowledge.

PS. Yes Liz, I realize I need to post more pictures and updates from Japan. Patience is a virtue.


Elizabeth said...

are you still in Japan? I thought you guys were back already.

robert said...

As of April 10, Liz and I are officially co-opting this blog. This is a junta. I feel like a strong-man, or a rebel leader, or a dissident faction. A member of the gang of two. We should all be watching Z, which if Matthew was up and running, he'd have posted rather than hip-hop videos. But the comment section is not the video-post section, so we are left with mere rant and rave.

In Nome it is still honking cold. Even though the sun is out a lot lately, today the temps started out about 4. This is just not warm enough to melt the snow on my porch. And there is a lot of snow on my porch. I have been reluctant to shovel because I assume that there is going to be a springtime eventually. Maybe not this year. Apparently there is spring in Tennessee. Liz tells me that there are tornadoes. I think amongst the extended family members we have not yet experienced sandstorms or monsoons. Also we have not yet experienced a plague of locusts, although I have had the experience of a plague of caterpillars and also, interestingly enough, of frogs.

Following that theme, I have also seen a burning bush, and despite the fact that the bush was actually burning, and no voice issued from the bush itself, I was transported. By which I mean removed from this earthly plane to another. There were painful and penetrative experiments performed on my person by creatures whose ghostly outlines haunt my memory to this day. I awoke in my bed bleeding from my nose, with tinnitus and a loss of hearing which I can only attribute to a physical invasion gone bad.

It was then that I first glimpsed a shadowy portent of what we now recognize as the Obama/Clinton/Palin/Johnson effort to seduce our children to the dark forces....
Just a minute there's someone at my door....

robert said...

Ok, I'm back. It was "neighbors." They had "instructions." I'm supposed to go back on the medications, and they won't file a petition.


Sorry. That won't happen again. I'm good. Really.


So no one has to worry. Really. You don't have to contact "the authorities." They're already here. They're talking to me right now.


Right now they're making me watch that Ghost show. The one with the girl with the really big gazongas. They talk to me. The gazongas. I mean it. They speak to me. They were the ones that made me watch Levi Johnston on the Tyra show. There was some cross-gazonga transference thing going on, and, anyway, I've had to buy more aluminum foil to improve the reception.

Don't take my word for it. If you stare really hard at the eyes at the top of Matthew's blog page, you will start to get it. It takes a couple minutes, but then you don't need to click on the YouTube posts any more. They just start on their own. There's no music though. Just: Junta. Junta. Junta.

It's catchy.

I'm not answering the door this time. I mean it.

robert said...

April 11:
"They" are adjusting my meds. It seems to be working. The once-a-day little yellow ones just make me drowsy, and I have been cheeking those, but otherwise, I think the it's working out pretty well. The dosage on the four-times-a-day red ones was upped to 200mg, and I think that's better. I'm thinking that if I can go a couple weeks with no calls from "the neighbors" I'm probably going to stop taking them again.

The "visitor" stops in a couple times a day lately, and I have to show orientation times three when I'm "taking" my meds. This is a little embarrassing, since I'm having to make up a little story about who exactly the "visitor" is talking to, but, let's face it, anything for a little peace and quiet. In order to get along in this life, you have to go along. And change your underwear regularly.

"They" check on that also. And I have not been found wanting in that area.

The cable channels have been a little fuzzy lately, and the internet connection has been a little slow. I think it is one of the side-effects of not taking the little yellow ones. But the communications lines are still open. My thinking is clear, and my receptors are tingling: It's going to happen!

Matthew Lewis said...

Back in Tokyo. Kia and I were in Okinawa for about a week.
Dad - While I find your creative writing exercises amusing I worry that some of the non-native English speakers who might follow the blog are a bit freaked out by your ranting about meds. Further, my open invitation to them to come to Alaska and visit my family is likely not nearly as appealing when you talk about the "voices". I guess my plan to co-opt people into chipping frozen dog pee is not going to work this turn. Thanks a lot.

robert said...

Il n'ya rien de personnes qui lirent ce blog qui ne comprendent pas l'Americain. Si ces personnes voudrent nous visiter nos chiens et travailent avec le neige jaune, je fais bon accueil. Mais j'ai mes doutes.
Qui lirent ce blog en tout cas?
Tu n'as pas de souci a tu faire.

Matthew Lewis said...

Google Translate doesn't understand lirent - I am assuming it means "read".

[There is nothing people lirent this blog that does not comprendenti American. If these people voudrent visit us and our dogs travailent with the yellow snow, I welcome. But I have my doubts.
Who lirent this blog in any case?
You do not worry you had done.]