Thursday, March 12, 2009

Khaled We Did It, Biggie Of My City

OK, I can't stop myself. The Akon post just has go get posted.
If you listen to the haters, the auto-tone stuff is way played out, in true Alaskan fashion I am just hitting my stride on this trend a good year or two after it was actually popular or new (though new is relative, Frampton anyone?).
Here it goes:

Sorry, but Rick Ross is a g. My boy Travis caught me at the airport in AK and told me my beard reminded him of Rick Ross, my response: "I'm a bawss." That video would have been better without DJ Khaled swaggering around, dude is awkward.
Round two:

Don't even try to hate on Weezy or Jeezy. I don't care, I am going to bat on that one.
Round three:

OK, this one shouldn't be too controversial. Obie is legit.
That is all.

*Update - Yes, I made a mistake with the lyrics on the Rick Ross song, clearly it was "Khaled we did it," not "Cali we did it,". Anyway, Rick Ross is still a g even if he is from Florida.

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