Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...With Bronze Medals, Sean Is A Don Rebel, Sippin' Chandon With A Blonde Devil

OK, a couple monster tracks from Black Milk. Yeah, you got the Japan picture update last time so stop griping.
Elzhi killing it:

Listening to a lot of Black Milk at this point. Actually, I am also listening to a lot of Akon too so take that for what its worth.

Guilty Simpson has grown on me a lot over the last year or so. Sean Price, I mean, what can I say? Monster.
Things are good in Tokyo. I have a ton of photos that I need to spend some time organizing and Kia is out taking more photos all the time. She is getting good with my camera... maybe I should get a new one....
Speaking of spending money I don't have, I found out yesterday that you can buy not only old Nintendo games but also old Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafix and Neo Geo games on the Wii online store. Van Damme, anybody down to play some Bonk or maybe some Altered Beast? For those of you who grew up on PS1 that would be like Crash Bandicoot or something. God, seriously?
OK, grind hard.


Elizabeth said...

Three things:

"Grind hard" - what does that mean?

Does Kia upload photos?

When are you guys headed back to the states/when you do come back, where are you going?

Matthew Lewis said...

Grind hard is derived from the phrase "on the grind" which refers to the act of working diligently, or "hustling", particularly around the act of making money. On my blog, the phrase is primarily meant to be an encouragement and commiseration around the endless toiling inherent in the capitalist system we are subject to.
Kia is working on some uploading but dealing with picasaweb upload limitations.
Heading back to the US mid-April, not sure what we are doing next....

Elizabeth said...

that sounds like something dad would say except he wouldn't be so hip about it.

what are your options for places to go?

robert said...

"That sounds like something dad would say, but he wouldn't be so hip about it."
Grandma would say: "Work hard! You weren't put on this earth to just have fun."
I have been shoveling hard all week. One hour each night to get rid of the drift on the porch. Tonight was the last night. I am now taking analgesics by the truckload.
However, it may be cold, but it is NOT snowing. Blue skies, and fried rice for dinner.