Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They're Huge and They're Sting Crazy - Your Firearms are Useless Against Them

Its rainy in SF right now and I am on the shuttle. Not really looking forward to getting off the shuttle and trying to figure out my ride/walk home. Been in training all day. One more day of training tomorrow, its been good though. Learning a fair amount.
OK, so this is only like 3-4 weeks late but damn, it was worth the wait. Check out the baller wheels we hooked Marbin up with. Basically, it makes his Honda Fit the baddest car out there. I will blog later about my obsession with scrapers for now check out what a pair of clip on spinners will do to your ordinary Honda Fit.

Yup, your boy doing the install thing.

Gleamy! Check out the fake chrome!

Oooweee! Bladz.

Your boy and the finished product. I got to ride home in the car afterwards. The rims made it all the way back to SF on the 101. That was basically a win in my opinion.

Three of us were trying too hard. I will let you choose which three.
All in all a positive experience. Marbs was excited, his wife a little less so but I hear rumors she is warming up to the rims (hubcaps). It turned out that the spinners didn't actually spin. I was disappointed, for like a minute, and then I realized that it basically doesn't matter and that the Fit looks sick.
OK getting off the shuttle. The wifey has graciously offered to pick me up at Alamo square. Hope everyone celebrated President's Day the traditional way, by listening to the socialist/activist hip hop group Dead Prez.
Keep it grimey.

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robert said...

Four words: Blue neon running lights.