Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bay Areaaaaaa

On the shuttle to work. Got back to San Francisco yesterday from a trip to Anaheim earlier this week. Spent a few days at Disneyland which was basically hilarious. I will try to upload some photos of the revelry at some point. Which reminds me, I am basically three photo posts behind at this point so I need to get up on that. Between some training I had before the Dublin trip, Dublin and Anaheim I haven't had a normal work week in a while. Next week may be a little painful.
Sara is now officially on her leave from work but still hanging out in the Bay Area for a couple more weeks. She did offer to grace me with her presence at lunch before her departure so I will likely take her up on that.
OK getting closer to the office. Here is a photo of Albert and I on the Buzz Lightyear ride to keep people satiated for the time being.

Albert was like way better than me at this. About halfway through the ride I began playing defense by moving the cart away from the targets to throw Albert off. He still beat me by 77,000 points. At least I look cooler in the picture.

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