Monday, February 11, 2008

Steady Aromatic

Work is a little insane this week because of the time off last week and the various trips/trainings I have been doing. Funny how things seem so stable at the time you do these types of things and then things hit the fan the week after. Oh well, they were fun.
Shuttling to the South bay right now sifting through the various work emails I should handle and realizing that I would rather upload and post a few photos from Disneyland instead. So here goes.

Nick taking Goofy too seriously.

Koklynn getting a hug from Goofy after he accosted me twice. Seriously, dude, not cool.

The Disney employee with the camera was yelling "Don't touch his head! Don't touch his head!" It was rad.

Enough said.
Disney was a blast. At work now so going to wrap up. Keep it hood.

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