Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just a Quick One...

I'm not feeling so hot (combination of too much beer, too little water, too little sleep and too much fried food) - good times. Dublin has been great fun though - see above for evidence. I went out to Howth with one of the managers from India and we took lots of photos and drank Irish coffee. I am about three photo sets behind in my posting but hey, it gives me fodder for future posts. Lord knows I am running out of stuff to post about. One thing I have noticed is that I have an annoying habit of adopting accents, maybe less accents than intonations, but its annoying none the less. In Ireland I have caught myself - and been caught by others - doing this far too often. When I am hanging out with the folks from India I kind of do the same thing but with less severity.
Back off to the hotel. I had to stop into the office to make a phone call and check my mail. My hotel does not free wifi - lame. Going to grab a non-fried snack - maybe there is fruit. I am probably vitamin deficient at this point. OK, off to it.


KunAn said...

woah woah we wo, Dooblin ! Hello from Truly Asia, take care buddy!

robert said...

DA Buckshot Shorty.
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Heavier caliber than birdshot, but then you're usually after bigger game. Let's face it, you're going to have to back off another 50 yards if you want to avoid the "Cheney sting" when you're using that size. But as a nickname, it beats Buckwheat, Bucktooth and Buckhorn.
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