Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can Be Sentimental AND Gangsta Right?

Here is the slideshow I pulled together for the team here in Beijing. It was too long to upload to youtube (10 min max) and the file was enormous. I used iMovie to make the slideshow because I was suckered in by coworkers who convinced me that it was the easiest way to build the movie. I think Windows MovieMaker would have probably been just as easy.
Only a couple more days here in Beijing. Very bittersweet. Excited to get home and spend time in AK over the holidays. Also going to miss a lot of things and people around here.
Lots to do before I leave. I may need to purchase another bag to haul home all of my crap. I also have to deal with my spectacular hotel and check out of that place (praise Jesus).
Enjoy the slideshow.

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robert said...

Good slide show Matthew. You ended on a high note. I particularly liked "take a vegetable to work" day. Also, I thought the exercise that involved closing your laptop by using crunches was probably pretty effective for Googlers.