Sunday, December 09, 2007

Analytics and Adwords

Boring topics maybe. I thought I would toss out some site stats. Kunan has been known to claim that the only person who reads my blog is my father (this may be true depending on your definition of "reads") but good ol' Google Analytics has a little different story to tell....

Since the beginning of my blog:
  • I have had 1,420 pageviews.
  • Visitors have averaged 1.48 pages per visit.
  • Average time per visit is 2:16
  • I have had 958 visits.
  • I have had 234 absolute unique visitors (probably based on IP).
  • 88.83% of my visitors visited using FireFox.
  • 83% of my visits have come directly to my site (not via another site)
  • 6% have come through my AdWords ads
  • 2% have come from Sara's blog
  • Top referring queries from Google ("matt lewis", "harry potter sucks", "", '"its the wysz son"')
  • Referrals have also come from Matt D.'s blog - who knew he had a blog? - and Nate's.
  • Top day for visits was Oct. 31st 2007 - I got 18 that day.
Yeah fine, that's kind of boring. So what, get off your high horse.
Oh yeah, and for those of you who don't know, I have purchased some AdWords ads on a few different keywords so if you forget the web address (really you should have my blog bookmarked) you can do a quick search like this and find some hilariously clever advertisements. Do yourself a favor and refresh the search results page to check out the ad variations.
Work is kind of ape right now. Only four more work days before I get on a plane. I have to do things like pack, check out of my apartment, clean my desk, blah blah blah. It almost just seems easier to stay. Then again.... Getting pumped to get back to AK for the holidays and see folks. I made a photo slideshow for my departure to play for the team. I will share it if I can ever get it to fully upload. My video compression skills are lacking.
Word 'em up.


Xiang Meng said...

who said your dad is the only one who read your blog? i'm reading it right now. and your adword ad, man that's really funny.
btw, we're gonna miss you.

robert said...

I think the only one who really posts to your blog is your dad. And I don't think he really reads the blog. Mostly he probably finds this is an efficient method of avoiding work, and for mouthing off to the world at large. You will notice that he hasn't got a blog of his own, so this is the substitute. If you were selling Mega-Dik (I seem to have a personal invitation every hour and a half to purchase such a thing, so I believe that my close business relationship with that vendor will allow me to get you a franchise) you would likely have more readers. I am always amazed at the capacity of male humans to fixate on the size of their phalli. On that note, you are now up to 960.

Matthew Lewis said...

Hey dad - way to class up my blog buddy. Jeez. Offering to sell me a male enhancement franchise. Only in this family....

Sara said...

i bet my dad would offer to sell you some male enhancement pills as well. sounds like they would get along well together! now we'll see if he's one of the 2% of people who read your blog...

Matthew Lewis said...

Jeez Sara, way to kill the comment flow and have everyone waiting on your dad to offer me enlargement products....

robert said...

Comment flow. This is something that I will have to research. I have the impression that this is like internet shorthand where everyone in the know uses the shorthand, and everyone else uses correctly typed grammar. There is a philosophical/sociological theory built around the concept of "flow" but I don't know that this is what you are talking about. Is this like being "jammed up?" And does being "jammed up" have anything to do with jams and jellies, or does it have to do with the jim-jams? Is this a flow of consciousness? Or, as Liz might say, an appearance by Aunt Flo? If we were in Florida, would we have automatically have gotten less flow? Is a person who goes with the flow a flower? If so: aromatic or not? Do your ads bring any cash flow? And do you get any extra money for multiple keystrokes in your comment section?

Matthew Lewis said...

Wow, dad, this is the first time I have considered using the comment delete button.