Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

Its a day or so early but I imagine I may not make it back to the computer in the next day or two. Alaska has been great. I haven't had to work much at all although I have put off some things that need handling before I return to California.
We have gotten more snow which has been nice and the nephews went skating the other day at the lagoon near my mom's house which was hilarious to watch. My older nephew got cross-checked by a girl about 3 years older than him playing hockey and my younger nephew did his best not to crack his helmet open while walking across the ice on his skates.
No substantial plans for the New Years celebration at this point. I imagine we will have an adult beverage and keep it relatively quiet. The Anchorage nightlife scene has become extremely highschool oriented. I'm getting old and young people are getting obnoxious.
Off for a walk with Kia's mom here shortly. Darjeeling Limited is playing at the local brewhouse theater so we are going to try and check that out at some point. I also want to see No Country for Old Men. These both beat Jay Chou movies... sorry Kun.
OK my mom is playing Kenny G or something I need to make her stop before I go ape-shit.


Xiang Meng said...

no country for old man is very popular, and i want to see it too. Have you seen "I am Legend"?
Happy new year!

Matt said...

No Country rules, so does Juno and Darjeeling. Sweeney Todd is ok, but you'll be singing around the house for a week.

Happy New Year from Matt #1

Matthew Lewis said...

Sounds like someone is overdoing the holiday movie experience.... I guess that's what happens when you spend your holiday in Mountain View. Still haven't seen any movies. Actually I watched Eastern Promises on dvd and it was pretty awesome.

Nate said...

I highly recommend No Country for Old Men, and Charlie Wilson's War. They are the best films I've seen in quite a while.

Cheers man.

Xiang Meng said...

eastern promises is pretty violent someone told me. I just saw No Country for Old Men, pretty good, ending was cool though a little disappointed.