Monday, November 19, 2007

Tibet Post 1

OK, finally diving into the Tibet photos. A lot of them came out pretty great in my humble opinion. It is pretty hard to screw up photos of such an amazing place. I am breaking the photo posts down into days so that I can post a ton of photos. These are the photos from the first day we were there.
There are lots of rules for foreigners (non-Chinese nationals) traveling to Tibet. Its kind of a pain really. My dad basically convinced me not to pay for a big tour - that saved me around $1000. Thanks dad.

These are photos Kia took from the bus between the airport and Lhasa.

The Potala palace. This is basically where our bus let us off. Awesome.

Prayer wheels that go all the way around the palace for pilgrims.

Part of the park behind the palace.

A couple of shots from behind the palace. Lots more photos. Between Kia and myself we took around 600 in Tibet. That's going to max out my Picasa web album probably.
So things are cool here in Beijing. Cold really. Its been around freezing the last week or two. Thanksgiving is coming up so maybe I can get some Peking turkey hooked up. I'm not going to set my hopes too high for the office Thanksgiving meal but damn, I could go for some stuffing and gravy. I hope everyone eats and drinks too much.
Stay grimy.


robert said...

I will always remember the deep blue skies. I hope you got some pictures of the yak butter tubes and the ladies with the brass hair clips.

Matthew Lewis said...

Yak butter pictures no. Likely because of the photo of the same theme in the guide book you gave me, I felt that I didn't need to take one. Ladies with hair decorations yes - stay tuned.

robert said...

Having been in China for only a couple weeks, during the summer months, I might appreciate some cold weather, since it would tend to keep some of the belly exposers under wraps. Is this culturally insensitive?