Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now That's a Carving

Some photos from Leshan. We took a day trip from Chengdu. It was a two hour drive and we spent about three hours there. It was a nice day trip. The main site to see in Leshan is the giant Buddha. So we saw that.

Dragon Carving in the wall.

The Buddha itself was really pretty amazing. It was carved into this cliff wall where three rivers meet. There are better pictures for scale but it was insanely large.

This was the path down to the feet of the Buddha. It was somewhat terrifying because of the steepness, the crowds and the large Chinese man goosing me in line.... Seriously, dude, not cool.

The feet of the Buddha. Pretty amazing.
Another angle.
Opposite angle.
Things here are good. The end of my time in Beijing is fast approaching and I am headed back to the US on the 14th of December. I have understandably mixed feelings about it. Work has been pretty busy so that has had the days moving along pretty quickly the past couple weeks. Kia and I are headed to Alaska for the holidays. We are both pretty psyched to see our families and have some relative downtime.
Hope things are well. Keep it hood.


robert said...

What is it with the earlobes? And why is the guy outside? Can't they build a house around the poor bastard? Let him sit in the elements? And what does a guy do for companionship? I have been to the Paul Bunyan statues. At least in America, a guy has a blue ox. What the hell. Give the guy a blue yak. An eel. Something. But no. I say we move the guy indoors. Throw an afghan over the guy's shoulders. Maybe a chocolate lab. Instead of these little ant-people running around pestering. The guy has suffered enough. I'm thinking of starting a website.

Matthew Lewis said...

Long ears are a sign of good luck or wisdom or something. I do like the Paul Bunyan to Buddha comparison though even if its likely fairly culturally offensive.

robert said...

You forget, even after my lengthy comments, that I am a trained professional. Do not try this at home.