Thursday, July 26, 2007

So you have seen this before? So what?

OK so I am admittedly the last person to become aware of the Flight of the Conchords guys but this is pretty funny.
Things are going well in China. I booked a ticket for Kia to come visit in September so the pressure is on now to get the travel plans lined up for the time she is here. We are planning on using the Autumn Festival break to do some traveling out of China, perhaps Tibet and Nepal but we haven't decided yet.
Summer in Beijing has been fairly good, overcast/hazy today. Tough to tell where the clouds end and the pollution begins. Ah industrialization, its a beautiful process.
I've been rediscovering the beauty of YouTube lately but still refuse to participate in the MySpace silliness - why? you ask - because I am not 15 years old.
Also, a belated happy birthday to Liz and Thomas (they share their birthdays 7/20) one of the two birthday overlaps between Kia and my families.
Getting a cold - I hope its a cold....

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