Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Pac and B.I.G. But I Miss Pun The Most

Monday done. Got some work done which was good.
Results from the survey are coming in. Not necessarily a huge sample size on the vote so if you want to vote please go for it. I will probably shut down the form tomorrow, Wednesday latest. The comments are far more entertaining than the actual vote count. One from my dad stood out today:

"I'm picking # 2 because I think its yours, Matthew. I'm trying to be supportive here. I think the give-away was Blackstreet. The difference between No Diggity and Don't Leave Me is the tub-thumping, which features in a lot of your embeds. I also just don't see Mr. Prime Beef bumping to a power ballad like I Have Nothing. On the other hand, I can see you doing a routine to Heavy D. Tell me I'm wrong. String the contest along. But don't be a hater. It's just your old pater."

Pater definition.

Anyway. Whose is whose? I won't say until the survey is closed.
Spent a lot of time grinding away on my computer today which meant I had time to listen to music. Here are some gems from today.

Big Pun was crazy, RIP.

Three dope verses, sick beat, GZA batting clean-up.

Been watching Battlestar Galactica in a quest to lock down the title of uber-geek. Its pretty entertaining though.
Alright back to my Classic X-Men comics. Like I said, uber-geek.
Grind hard.

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