Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Probably A Foggy Bog With The Frogs

Back on my grizzly. One blog post a month is not cutting it. Especially not when my dad is posting French beatboxer videos in my comments feed from a month ago.
Lots of stuff has been going on. Mostly work related but other stuff too. Kia got back from Anchorage last week. She stayed after the holidays for a couple weeks to try to sort out the contractor situation with the heating system for the house. Turns out contractors suck. FYI.
New apartment is taking shape. Mostly because Kia got home and put up what little art and decorations we have down here right now. I have been somewhat motivated to dig through the mountains of photos sitting on hard drives at this point and do something with them. First step was to organize them a bit, now not sure what to do next. Maybe upload, maybe just print some for the apartment.
Been playing Grand Tourismo 5 a bit which is damn fun. Trying to finish Fallout New Vegas which is pretty epic but I keep getting sidetracked with the side missions. I guess that's the point. I think I'm gonna log some time in Black Ops tonight though.
Daily (actually monthly) listening:

Yup, this DOOM album is dope. Pretty crazy how he drops the Dilla beat for about a minute in the middle of the track. Shout out to the guy who made the video for the crappy mouth moving animation.
Grind hard.

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